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If I had said something

Would they have stopped?

If I had called your name

Would you still be alive?

If I was stronger

Would you have leaned on me?

If I had answered differently

Would I have ever been correct?

If I had said hello

Would you have greeted back

If I had been less shy,

And said something when I had the

Would you have smiled?

Even once?

Could I have eased your pain?

Or did I drive you off the edge?

For even just one moment

Did I brighten your day?

Did you ever believe that I cared?

Could you tell

Even over the distance my frightened
heart created?

Could you hear my shouts before you

Did you see my tears?

If I had come a little sooner

If I had told you how I felt

If I had made them shut their mouths

If I had held you close

Would you have felt so empty?

If I had stood alone

On an edge to high to see

Would you have called my name?

Would you have come for me?

If I followed you

If I fell from the sky

Would this pain go away?

Would I see your face again?

Would you be there waiting for me?

Would you hate me for my weakness?

If I had only shared

If you had only know

The only thing that I regret

The words I didn't say

The words that closed my throat

The words I called down to you

Seconds late

Could you possibly have heard

When I screamed my soul to you

Would you have gone away

If only I had let the words escape

From the very first time I met you

From the moment I saw your face

If I had told you

When you picked me up from the ground

When you smiled through the tears

If only I had told you

Three words

Three words to change the world

Just three words to save your life

Would I have seen you smile

Just one more time

Would you be here now

To wipe away my tears

And would you let me do the same for

If you never would have loved me

I don't care

If you didn't feel the same

If you loved another

I don't care anymore

I wish I never had

If just the knowledge would have
changed anything

I would have let you tear my heart

I would have let you keep it

Nothing could hurt more

Than knowing you are gone

Then knowing you thought you were

Nothing could hurt more

Than knowing you though that no one

I just want to see your face again

I just want to see you smile

When you were bleeding

You asked me if I was alright

Now I'll never be alright

If you only knew that

You need to know that…

Please hear me when I say

I always have

I always will

No matter how much it hurts me


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SchizophrenicJello Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2012
This really is a great poem, very well done. i think so too.
sitres Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you =)
Jessica2014 Featured By Owner May 31, 2012  Student Writer
This is absolutely beautiful and I love each and every word. There is so much emotion behind every line and I feel your pain. I've been in those shoes far too many times and I thank you for forming a beautiful poem to fit my every thought.
sitres Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you very much =)
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